Hello everybody,

I just realized how much my last entry sucked… and that I should type in here more often as it is pretty wild to take a look back every once and a while to see where I am in life. Secondly, I put together another one of my zines today and there are hardly any words in it. I need to collect more words.

Today: woke up. actually had breakfast (banana, cereal, juice!), breakfast makes me hungrier than I would normally be come lunch. So, no more breakfast this year.

I am pretty stoked on this new stapler I purchased today:


It is similar to this one (mine is a Swingline). Basically you can staple really deep. For only $30. Now I can staple virtually anything. A little side note: The first stapler was broken, so I had to exchange it. I was all prepared to tell the girl at the office supply store (Staples) a big story about how it wasn’t my fault that this stapler was broken (I stepped on it really hard), then I realized that she could care less, so I said “I need to exchange this.” She was all “ok, get what you need.” I just pressed on the second one with my hand instead of my foot and it worked pretty smoothly. I’d say I used about 125 staples today, which means I have maybe 3,700 left!

In other news–I am a model of effenciency.