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Since I last updated this page it has gotten very cold, I have worked at 4 or 5 different jobs ranging from republican propaganda to urban clothier propaganda. I am currently thinking about jobs that don’t involve the computer… I look at it way too much. Not sure what else to type here… it has been a while, and I feel kind of boring right now. Rest assured I have gotten drunk a few times, danced a little, and traveled some.


Well, I turned down the job at Slam… which is code for they hired someone else. I think the art director felt shitty about it, I am going to try and get them to hire me for some illustration though. I have a few other freelance opportunities out there, but I have an overwhelming fear that people are trying to screw me over. I really need to get in gear and hit the pavement or at least do some kind of self promotion / art / something.

I went to Massachusetts for a fun Memorial Day weekend. My buddy Nato curated a show of political/activist art called “the interventionists” — it was a pretty rad opening and he was on top of the world. Lots and lots of clapping all weekend.

Last weekend I went back to KS for Jake’s wedding, which was a lot of fun. I was sitting at the dinner the night before and thinking about how I woke up in New York and now I am eating chicken dinner with all of my friends. Really made me excited for a future when we all have jobs and we can fly somewhere just for a weekend party. I hope that happens anyhow.

Today I actually went into the city for a bit and ran into 2 people that I know. I also picked up some magazine called Loyal and flipped through the pages and there was an illustration by my olde english roomate Rich. Then I went to McDonalds – which is sort of a big deal b/c I haven’t done so in maybe 3 years. I got sick of being the guy who says “I haven’t eaten McD’s for 3 years.”

The battery went dead on my car, I got it charged, I hope it stays charged. I was telling people all weekend what a great car it is.

Job Search

Aw dog. I just got a call from this Slam place, because I have been having trouble getting them to call me. My potential boss was all “sorry I haven’t called you…I have been real busy and I have to choose between you and one other person. I’ll let you know on Monday.” My question is; what the fuck is up with that? She called me a week ago and said that I was her “favorite” — what could be better than favorite? I just don’t get it. If I don’t get this job I will feel like such a fool. If it comes down to that and all of the people I told that I have the job already ask I am going to say that I turned it down. Lying is better than sounding like a loser.

Well, I mentioned that I wasn’t going to drink until Memorial Day, buy not drinking I meant drinking moderately. I don’t feel guilty about it, I haven’t gotten drunk or anything, maybe 1-2 drinks total.

I guess I had bettter start looking for other jobs. I am more bummed at the prospect of having to look for another job more than I am at not possibly not getting this job… I hate the job search.

Rock Bottom

Same shit, different day. By shit I mean alcohol abuse. For the last however many (too many) days I have been going out and boozing and swearing and all sorts of evil things. Yesterday my body said “no more!” I woke up more or less paralyzed with pain, around 3 in the afternoon I stumbled over to the corner store for gatorade and… I couldn’t make it the block home. About half way I crippled to the ground and started puking in the gutter. I struggle to stand, my face wet with tears and sweat. At that point I thought maybe I should take it easy for a few days. I am not sure what is happening to me, I start out with good intentions, but usually end up drinking one beer too many. It also isn’t like I am drinking a ton either, I think it is the night after night after night that is getting to me.

In less depressing news, I think I have landed a job at a magazine called SLAM. It is about basketball. I had the interview last friday and it was super casual and the girl interviewing me said I was her favorite and sent me home with a sample assignment. We are meeting for lunch on Monday, hopefully to discuss how much vacation time I get.

That is about all the news. No drinking ’til Memorial day, and I got a real job. Good week.


What up freakers! I can think of a couple of things to talk about. A week ago we had a little bbq on our sidewalk/loading dock… it went ok, and was lo-key. The real insight came afterwards, we were sitting in our living room and I looked around, clockwise beginning with myself, then a girl from russia or something, then a gay guy, then my roommate from florida, a girl named Biki from germany, my other roommate from Virginia and two other people from Virginia. For a moment I thought I was looking down on this situation from some kind of monitor that was labeled NEW YORK GET-TOGETHER! I should also mention that we were trying to harness the power of a ouija board too.

Last week I had a day of freelance at this really corporate firm where a new friend of mine works. It was pretty boring and all the jokes about cubicles and office jaron applied. All day she kept apoligizing for the job and said something like she wouldn’t hire me on principle because she knows I couldn’t take it… I told her to take it easy and stop stroking my ego.

Saturday me and 4 friends went up to Massachusetts to an art opening, at the after party this group of professional/touring dancers appeared after a show they did, and they took over and started this insane dance party among themselves. I bet if you know how to dance really well it is easy to make friends. Sunday was brunch — I just found out that brunch is awesome! Especially if you just have to show up and eat. When we got back to Brooklyn last night I experienced the cliche of country air vs. city air. Man this place smells so fucking bad after getting back from a mountain. I never noticed it before…and I don’t notice it right now, but getting out of the car it really hit me.

How’s this for an idea — Universal Birthday or UBD, everyone celebrates their birthday on June 25. Think of how great it would be. Also Universal Anniversary Day.

I suppose I have been here a few more days. Seems like a lot longer, then I think what little I have gotten done and I feel like maybe I just got here yesterday.

The last 5 nights I have been getting drunk and cursing myself the next day. Really stupid shit, I feel like crap, finally get a glimpse of feeling normal and I managed to be convinced that it will be a different story tonight… some convincing arguements are: “I don’t have much money, so I’ll probably just have a couple.” or “I have a class early tomorrow, so I want to be in bed by midnight.” Then before I know it I am eating a box of cheez–its at three in the morning.

Today is my first interview. I have spent the last few days piddling around with my resume and my next promo, I managed to get the resume printed up and I hope to get the promo in the mail soon. The interview was arranged by this guy Ryan, whose girlfriend Sara works at this place. She said it is pretty corporate and hinted that I might not really fit in there… but we will see how the interview goes. I have no idea what to say, my attitude is to just wing it and be honest.

Turns out that I have some good roomates and their friends instantly accepted me as their friends as well. So I haven’t really felt awkward or anything of that sort yet. The weather has been pleasant and that is about all that matters right now.

For whatever reason I didn’t bring my digital camera. I try and find one so I can post some pictures.

KS → VT → NY

Well the past couple of weeks have been fun. On April 3rd I called the dude I was supposed to sublet from on my way from Kansas (I was in Indiana) and he was all “yeah, your moving in on the 12th right?” I said that I was en route… It all worked out though. I spent a week in Vermont with some of my friends from Massachusetts last summer. It was pretty cool, they have a cabin-like house on the edge of the mountain. I spent a lot of time staring out the window watching birds and all of that. Sort of like being outdoors without having to go outside.

Last Saturday I met my brother at the airport in New York, and we spent the weekend doing all kinds of New York activities; walking around, eating, Yankees game, Central Park, Comedy, getting really drunk, throwing up…

Some questions you might have:

How’s your apartment? It is ok. The analogy I have been giving people is: imagine a movie where an artist moves to New York and lives in a weird warehouse looking place. The place is really a soundbed of sorts–the fridge has a pretty loud hum, hissing sounds from the many pipes running along the walls and ceiling, and the trucks on the street. Very loud. I haven’t really checked out the neighborhood yet.. All I know is that there is a deli nearby.

How’s your car? Pretty good. I had it checked out before I left Kansas and there weren’t any problems with it. However I backed into a fire hydrant the other day and put a nasty hole in the bumper. I am not going to get it fixed, as it will probably get f’d up even more. I need to rent a parking space up here or sell it. It is kind of a hassle.

Have you done your taxes? I am working on them today. I have 4 w-2 forms from 3 different states!

Have you found a job? No. Haven’t started looking, I have some promising leads though.

Vegas → Denver → Wamego

Oh boy. Well I am finally back in Wamego for a couple of days. Not too comfortable though… my mom decided to remodel the house while I was on vacation, so I came home to a cleared out house, with my few belongings in the basement and garage, covered in sawdust. Plus I started painting the ceilings and walls as soon as I got back.

Vegas was wild. I expected to party hard. But we partied really hard. I was moderate in comparison, but some of the guys were on true benders. When I first got there, I wondered what the big deal was all about. I wascertainly not impressed, more like depressed, but after a couple of drinks I figured it out–you cando whatever the hell you want in Vegas.I wanted to stay up all night and be obnoxious, and it was fine with old Las Vegas. Really fun party.

Went on to Denver, the rest of the crew went camping and skiing and what not. I sat on the couch and watched TV until they were ready to go home. There is something to be said about ten guys in a two bedroom apartment for 3 days. I am not sure what that thing is yet, but you need to experience it every couple of years. Weird shit happens.

So tomorrow I am off again. Moving to New York for a couple months at least. More if I can find work. More on that soon.

Hey ya. Sorry I didn’ t update this last week… I just got back to Wamego today, and I am heading for Vegas tomorrow. I guess after that we are going to go hiking or skiing or something. The first weekend of April I am moving to New York. If you know anyone there, let them know i am coming, especially if they can get me a job! More when I settle down.-