Ended up watching the election results at the office, I worked a bit late and didn’t want to miss nothing so I stuck around. Kelly had invited some folks over so we did our star poses and chanted and danced and before we knew it Obama had been elected. I voted that morning in Bushwick and people seemed to be excited with a lot of young people talking about how it was their first time voting and hoping to create history. Is it history already? Had another quiet week, we’re really in the weeds here at work, so I’m focusing on that. Plus, I seem to be broke lately for some reason.

Friday I met Mike for beers, then Carolyn joined and we got some ramen then went to Wburg to meet Rebecca, but ended up meeting Molly and her parents and DMP. Went to a party for about 20 minutes.

Saturday was gray and rainy. Tried to see art, but ended up watching a movie and eating a lot of popcorn, then meeting Jeff and Nick J for a romantic dinner that included going to a second location for dessert.

Head On — German or Turkish. Not so bad, but not so great.

The Girl in the Cafe — English. Sort of this movie about a May December relationship and an accidental activist. Made me feel kind of guilty.

I woke up pretty early at my mom’s home in Wamego. Went to the backyard to check on the big neon cross that was now laid in the ground in this sunken area that was lined with white 2x4s the way that a form for pouring concrete looks. I looked over the warm and sunny Steinbeck looking valley and WWII era bombers were flying in from the distance and bombing the fields. I figured this was some sort of practice, but then later realized Bloomburg was leveling the hills to make more golf courses. I thought I would see if I could get the cross back up and working. I hung it in the tree. It was about 10 feet tall and made up of words, the only one I can remember is Trinity. I am sure Holy was in there somewhere as well. I hung the cross up and it lit up no problem. I remember thinking what joy it would be to the townsfolk that the cross was up and functioning again. I wanted to call Mark the editor of the newspaper, but it was only like 6 am still. I marveled at my engineering of wiggling the part of the neon that previously wasn’t working in order to make it light up.

For some reason I decided that the cross should be brought inside and hung on the wall near the front door. Oh! Why did I do that? It was hung, everything was functioning again after just the right amount of wiggling. I sat on the couch and fell asleep. I’d woken up again around 8, my mom was still asleep and I looked at the cross. Part of it was missing! Someone had snuck in and stole part of the cross while I was right there sleeping. Curses. It had snowed by this time and I thought that was handy as far as evidence and tracks and such. I was careful not to mess up any of the markings. I went outside and checked inside my white 2 door 1991 Pontiac Sunbird, the first clue — a newspaper. It was scrawled all over the inside front page, which was left blank for some reason, anyhow the writing was very juvenile looking. The front page was cover in snow, but I could see the mailing address was to Cory Archangel. I wasn’t sure as it had been about 10 years, but I was pretty sure he hung around with Brian Havens. That’s who I suspect took the part of the cross. I called 911. They asked where I lived and if I was currently being robbed. I said I wasn’t and we were the house with the famous neon cross, and the dispatcher wasn’t too impressed and mentioned that Deanne would have to file a special report. I thought about how this would probably be a big story in the paper and how disappointed the people would be and how my mom would be totally confused by the whole situation that went down in just that short morning. I regret that I don’t remember exactly what the cross said. I remember the look of it, but not the exact language on it. I also don’t remember what the note said, but I thought it was particularly funny when I read it.

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