More Dreams

1. Something to do with a cartoonish but live tweety bird, much like the thing in the Bansky show, but smaller. Anyhow, I was in a body of water with some people. The bird had never flown before and crawled up my arm like a ramp. I remember thinking the bird was depressed. It opened it’s wings and dove out to fly, but fell head first into the water. We stalled and I pulled it out of the water but it had already swallowed several smooth rocks. We shook the rocks out and waited for it to die. Then it turned into some other animal, but I can’t remember what.

2. A portion of an episode of the Cosby show. Vanessa was upset because she had to do too many chores. Theo was excused from chores because he was in college and had to study. He and another guy ate a bunch of her fries. Theo had dreads and was only wearing gym shorts and was really ripped and thought he was hot stuff.

3. I was driving to and from Topeka many times, but nothing that is really there was in the scenery. Went through this area that was narrow and walled by tall wooden planks. It was a pathway with an over sized train running next to it. There was a part where there was a near 90 degree turn and it was very scary as the train went through it pretty fast and leaned over and you thought it would tip onto you. I remember thinking it was a very interesting place to be.

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  1. Excellent dreams. The Cosby Show may be entering a collective renaissance, I was reading an interview with Gang Gang Dance the other day and one of them said how he’s been really into getting stoned and watching the Cosby Show.
    I’m going to Dwayne Wayne my glasses tomorrow.

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