Spring Breaks

Month of January
Went to NY one weekend for FEAST.

Prob went to some shows at work and drank beer at the Mohawk?

Can’t recall…

There was a staff party at the Elk’s. I went to the local bars after. Ended up at the Crystal Hardhat and running into Martin, Lydia and Marty. We watched the biker band for a bit.

I watched a lot of documentaries and movies about the finance industry.

Went to San Francisco for a weekend. Jeff flew in from Minneapolis and we toured the sites and took in the sights. We had lunch some place, went to a Korean bath house, went to SF MoMA and YCBA, had pizza in Berkely with Liz, met up with Jenn at the CCA, ate vegan mexican food, shopped, had coffee, saw grandmas cleaning garages, went to a park on a hill where all these people were hanging out drinking and doing drugs in broad daylight, went to some bars, saw a drag show, ate breakfast, went to another park where people were talking about ‘policing the chill’, took naps, ate Doritos on a bus, stood in a line for two hours to get into a daytime dance party, ended up going to a bar called ‘Naps’ instead, ate sushi, then tacos, went over to Mellisa’s, walked a lot, went to a beach with lots of dogs, urban hiking, ate a burrito, Jeff left Sunday night, had breakfast with Jenn and Ryan B, met up with Liz and Heather at a fancy hotel and swam, and had Korean food. San Francisco is a real chill place and no one is all bossy moo cow at you.

Went to see No Age at Bennington student center. Super loud. Lots of co-ed hugging.

Esha and I drove down South for Spring Break.


QNS > West Virginia. Their regional gas station is called ‘Sheetz’. We stayed with Esha’s former roommate Greg and they gave us the dirt on all the local happenings. There’s not much happening. We drove an hour to the top of a mountain. Then it got dark 15 minutes later, and we drove an hour back.

On the way to Nashville we stopped through Lexington. Pretty nice little historic district there. Ate breakfast at a very efficient place called Doodles. The people the next table over were talking about guns.

Stayed a night in Nashville. Got drinks at a speakeasy-type bar that was similar to Brooklyn’s speakeasy revival bars. The people sitting next to us were talking about guns.

Stopped in a small town in Mississippi and had lunch at a florist / cafe ‘Figs and Twigs’. A neighboring store was called Kountry Kids Kloze. Nashville to East Texas to stay a night at Esha’s parent’s house. They gave us the grand tour of Orange, Tx and we discussed various familial details.

Went on over to New Orleans. Stayed at a real nice little B&B house on the outskirts of the Quarter. Just down the street from Buffa’s bar. Again it was my inaugural watering hole for the visit. Went Jacque Imo’s the first night. Esha thought it was great. I thought it was good. I’d recommend it, but describe the menu as ‘fun’. We’d planned to see Rebirth Brass Band next door at the Maple Leaf, but we were too full, tired, etc.

We went on a ghost tour of the Quarter. Though many of the stops were about vampires.

Went to a nearby plantation. They mostly talked about the good parts of the plantation, and not so much the slave stuff.

The best meal of the trip was lunch at Coquette.

One night we’d waited too long to get to dinner, and ended up at the Hi-Ho lounge where The Stooges Brass Band was playing. It was a messy, fun show. My favorite thing in live music is when bands don’t stop between songs. These guys never paused. One song went right into the next. Very loud too.

Stayed a night in Asheville and had dinner at a place called The Admiral. Walked around downtown the next day but realized it wasn’t much different than any other hippie college downtown and left. I wish I’d dug up more Black Mtn College info before I’d gone.

We had no car trouble.

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