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Cool Little Zines for Cool Little People

www.doodl.club is a hybrid zine / coloring book subscription for kids. Every issue features a new artist and is delivered addressed to your creative kiddo!   »ARCHIVE SITE

Cabin Porn

Relax — It’s Just Cabins

I designed the companion book to the blog of the same name. Inspired by back to the land, and do-it-yourself books of the 60s & 70s, the 336-page book is both reference guide and source of inspiration for the cabin fantasy.   »BUY

Oh, Canada

Textbook for the contemporary Canadian art scene

Featuring over 100 artists and writers, this catalogue accompanied the first ever comprehensive survey of contemporary Canadian art.

The content and presentation reflects that of a travel guide, with art as the main attraction.   »BUY

Kid Made Modern

Art & crafts (sans popsicle sticks)

Todd Oldham, Kelly Rakowski and I created, photographed, and designed 52 step-by-step projects for smart, curious kids. KMM provides an introduction to design theory, materials, techniques, and projects — inspired by masters of mid-century design.   »BUY


India ink and gouache on paper

Selections from a series using limited parameters: absence of color, painterly backgrounds, flat, woven, grotestque-style typograhy. All are ≈ 9×11 inches and created without the use of computer software.

Backyard Cooking Company

Everyone ends up in the kitchen

An identity and site for a good friend and excellent chef. Rather than reheated trays of food — Backyard’s menus (crawfish boils, pig roasts, taco nights, BBQs) are an interactive feature of the party. Isn’t the food always the best part?

Joan Jett

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry Bomb!

This 224-page photo-essay / memoir was edited from Jett's personal archive of snapshots, magazine clippings, and ephemera. The layout is intentionally editorial with sophisticated, high-fashion typography. My older brother had her cassette ‘Up Your Alley’ — I thought that was a tough sounding title.   »BUY