Well, I turned down the job at Slam… which is code for they hired someone else. I think the art director felt shitty about it, I am going to try and get them to hire me for some illustration though. I have a few other freelance opportunities out there, but I have an overwhelming fear that people are trying to screw me over. I really need to get in gear and hit the pavement or at least do some kind of self promotion / art / something.

I went to Massachusetts for a fun Memorial Day weekend. My buddy Nato curated a show of political/activist art called “the interventionists” — it was a pretty rad opening and he was on top of the world. Lots and lots of clapping all weekend.

Last weekend I went back to KS for Jake’s wedding, which was a lot of fun. I was sitting at the dinner the night before and thinking about how I woke up in New York and now I am eating chicken dinner with all of my friends. Really made me excited for a future when we all have jobs and we can fly somewhere just for a weekend party. I hope that happens anyhow.

Today I actually went into the city for a bit and ran into 2 people that I know. I also picked up some magazine called Loyal and flipped through the pages and there was an illustration by my olde english roomate Rich. Then I went to McDonalds – which is sort of a big deal b/c I haven’t done so in maybe 3 years. I got sick of being the guy who says “I haven’t eaten McD’s for 3 years.”

The battery went dead on my car, I got it charged, I hope it stays charged. I was telling people all weekend what a great car it is.