What Is Up

I am a little late on this issue, a lot going on this weekend and didn’t spend too many hours at home. Here is the play by play:

Wednesday night I went to see this band the Postal Service. They are the the hottest thing out there right now. Their first album came out just a few months ago and the concert sold out. Pretty crazy. The crowd was just as I had pictured emo, indie, scenesters, hipsters one after another…very few, if any, normal people. The antictipation was high and crowd response was great. The band must have been impressed with how well they were recieved. Some chick ordered shots for the band which the waitress brought on stage between songs, the singers was like “I’ve done a lot of rock shows, but this is a first.” The girl who sent the shots up was wasted and thought she was a celebrity or something. The only other annoying thing was the people who watched the show through the viewfinder of their digital cameras. All in all a great show.

Friday was the MCA staff art show. If you work at the museum and make art you were eligible to be in this gallery show. I think about 50 people were in it total. I was impressed with the talent, it was wierd to see this stuff and try and imagine these people making it at home, especially people you thought sucked. I got a lot of comments and positivity for my work and even sold a piece right there on the spot. There was a lot of free beer, so I got fairly krunked. Afterwards we went out with the usual crew and some people from the musuem. Around 2am my boss from the musuem didn’t think we should stop partying and invited us back to her apartment, but it was so late and I had been drinking for around 9 hours, so I had to decline. I was pissed because she lives in Marina City, which are those 2 towers in downtown Chicago that look like corncobs:


After all of that I had to get up and go to work Saturday. I was a tired one. I was planning on meeting my friend Grant at Midway airport at 7:45. I had a couple hours to kill so I went to go see ‘A Mighty Wind’ –the new Christoper Guest movie (same people as Best in Show). I didn’t really think it was funny, definitely no Waiting for Guffman. After I met up with Grant, we went on a quick pub crawl of Wicker Park and went home. The next morning we got up at 7 am to go help his sister and brother-in-law move. We got done at 1pm and went for some lunch and ended up drinking for 4 hours and getting completely faced. So there I was, it was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in Chicago and I was hammered riding the bus home alone. It was fun.

I think I drank about 50 beers last weekend.

The only other notable event of last week I can think of right now was when I was visiting the other art musuem Thursday afternoon. I was standing in a hallway looking at the map on the wall, this girl comes up to me and says “can I ask you a question?” Since a lot of people ask me questions at work I graciously replied yes. “What’s your name?” Matt. “Oh really?” Yeah. “Cause I thought you were kinda cute” Okay, thank you (embarrassed and quickly looked away). This would have been totally cool had she not been 15 years old. My love knows no age.

Unti next time.