Week One is Over

BITCHING AND MOANING: Work isn’t all I had hoped it would be. Basically I feel like I am a sucker and overqualified. I don’t mind the idea of “paying my dues”–but I feel like I am in a time warp back to two years ago when I was doing the same thing in college, and actually getting paid. Another problem is that I am not sure this will lead to anything.

This dinky town is in the valley of a bunch of hills (one of them named Mt. Graylock) and it kind of makes me feel trapped. I just don’t think that anything exists on the other side of them. Most of this anxiety comes from just moving here and not really being settled in yet. I feel like I have too many unproductive minutes, but logically that is because I have so much more freetime that I am not riding the subway or doing other daily tasks that I don’t have to worry about here. Hopefully this coming week I will get into my groove and feel better about all of this. I have a pretty good list of goals to complete:
Self promo mailer, hmbl site, study design history, work, father’s day, expirement, make house a home, write, go to nyc and boston

IN OTHER NEWS: I switched from the nun’s room to a different room. It is bigger and has a better bed. I had originally taken the nun room b/c I thought someone else was going to move in, and since I don’t have any stuff to store up here I might as well. But as it turns out we are going to have an extra room to spare.

We had a little BBQ Friday night. We grilled Italian sausage and ate them on hoagie buns with peppers, very Chicago. And tasty. Afterwords we went to these other kid’s house, they are called Andy and Victoria. They are pretty cool artist-types, who I think just moved here for the artist-atmosphere. I think it is a funny idea for young people to move to a small town like this and make the best of it. They seem to have a pretty good social schedule, including an event they and some other people are planning–Under the Sea prom at the Masonic Temple, not your Grandmother’s Under the Sea prom. I am going to help promote it with my graphic skills. There is also this girl Kathyrn they hang with, the way she talks is great, not sure how to explain it, like an author maybe.

I got a call from this dude at the Kansan doing an interview regarding the Humble Empire, I’ll post it when it runs.

THINGS I MISS: Cell phone and 24-hr internet access (I can’t believe it), Friends (of course), Stuff to look at, city wise, Ease of eating ou,t Fast computer (mine is slow and loud), Nice apartment, Decent drinking wate,r Music
*this list makes me feel like I am getting soft