Suppose I should say that I’m in this big group show in London. Although I am pretty sure that no one anywhere near London reads this blog.

Had an action packed weekend. The gang came over here to the office to have snacks and watch the debates, kind of surreal to hear the candidates talking about “the 9-11” and looking out the window seeing the construction site at the same time. Everyone went their separate ways and I crawled around lower manhattan with Carolyn looking for a place to have a beer. Slim pickings. Saturday the rain continued, did a bit of walking about in DUMBO, looked at art and bookstores. Went to a birthday party and then to the midnight movie. Saw Wild Combination, which is about this musician Arthur Russel. I’d been anticipating seeing this film and had downloaded some of his music beforehand. Very ahead of his time, combination of Eno, Talking heads… many more. Great stuff. Sunday went and spied on Jenn working at the new restaurant in Greenpoint. Enjoyed the homefries. Crispy, not greasy and reminded me of fast food. Bought a record and worked on a puzzle all afternoon. Sarah G had a party that evening. I was thinking there’d only be a few snacks, but I should never underestimate the foodie friends again. I was wishing I hadn’t eaten prior. The sun is shining today. I’m thinking burrito for lunch.

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