3 Weeks

Brad came to visit for one night the other weekend. We saw a pretty kick ass band, Satanicide. Then we went out and got drunk. He left the next day, it was quick.

Went to a wedding in St. Joe Missouri this weekend. Arrived Friday night, went to the rehearsal, then dinner at Carlos O’Kelly’s (Mexican or Irish?), Josh refused to wear the sombrero. Then out to some shady bars. Josh and Anne got married by Anne’s priest brother Vince. Then Vince was the wedding singer! Amazing. The first jam was I’m a Believer by the Monkees (originally written by Neil Diamond). The band was actually pretty good and people danced. We swiped a keg and hosted the after party in my room. We were so loud, I can’t believe we didn’t get called on by the front desk. The next morning the housekeeper knocked on the door in the morning and said “oh Jesus.” Everyone got together for lunch at a joint across the parkiing lot called “Bandanas” I had a sandwich named the “Wet Bandana.” Then to Matt Blume’s, he just got cable and a dog. One night we met Tom and Stef out for a drink at the Cigar Box, classy place. I had Oklahoma Joes for lunch the next two days for lunch. A total of 3 bbq lunches in 3 days.

In other news: I am moving in with Jennie soon. I got some business cards in honor of the event. Mike is moving into my old tree fort. There was a snake in our apartment, but if slithered out and the neighbor caught it. I’ve listened to Sufjan Steven’s, Illinois 20 times. My mom has a foreign exchange student living in our house.

I really enjoy instant message chatting on the computer. This is what it is like:

    matt: you can really tell it is friday here
    sam: phoning it in?
    matt: lots of chatter
    sam: grab ass?
    matt: i outta box your ears!
    sam: i’m gonna go for a bike ride
    sam: l8r

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