Took it easy all week in anticipation of the weekend to old Windville Chicago Illinois. No problems getting there. Took the rapid transit over to Sam and Bethie’s. Bethie and I were ladies who lunched, shopped, and had an afternoon drink while talking current events. Went to the Rainbo that night for a couple of beers.

Friday olde Dave and Mike rolled in, we did some hanging out and liquid lunching at Sam’s. Then to the pizzeria. Blume met us there. Then it turned out the wedding people where there as well. Then to a bar and met up with the rest of the wedding peoples and olde Josh Lake was there. We exhausted that bar’s resources and went to a second bar and everyone agreed it was hazy after that.

Saturday we had some breakfast at the Hollywood Grille and pretty much lazed around waiting for the big AdeleMark wedding. Great wedding! Cool setting, good people, nice foods, plenty of drink, lots of dancing. Even ping pong. Some of us went to the Hideout post reception to show off our formal wear to the common folk.

Sunday came around and I had to go back to New York City. Where I live.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? — A lot of screaming.
Little Children — I’ve already forgotten what this was about. Something to do with bored suburban stay at home parents and a pedo moving into town. I think I liked it.

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