2 Saturdays ago I met A&W, Emily and Bill for lunch, then we all went to the studio for a Brock art project. Then to a place called Big Wong for dinner, then drinks.

Last Thursday morning I boarded my monthly flight to Chicago. This weekend focusing on the marital union of Sam and Bethie. Met up with Laura for lunch and took off to see some art at the new wing in the Art institute. There were some Zoe Strauss pictures in the photo gallery and I felt like a real deal art collector on account of having a print from her. My favorite thing was a big log by Charles Ray. Overall, good addition. I hope they someday get an installation of some sort in that giant lobby. Then I went to the Cultural Center, where I most enjoyed the Project Onward studio/gallery. That night I met Sam and we headed over to Salerno’s for some pizza with a bunch of wedding party gals.

Friday we practiced the wedding and then practiced eating. The miniature cheeseburgers were quite popular. Best toast award was giving to Sam’s dad. Met up with the gang at this dive bar downtown. I had somewhat of a hard time enjoying myself because I was worried I might have too many beers and be hungover for the wedding day.

Saturday I woke up rested and not hungover. Met Oscar the baby (very cute). Helped Dave get dressed. Went out to Bethie’s aunt and uncle’s house for sandwiches and groomsman photo taking. Then onto the wedding. It was a full blown catholic affair. Since I was all up in the thing it went pretty fast. This band they had going made it seem way more dramatic than the usual mass. I think that other churches should adopt this soundtrack approach they’ve taken. Bethie wowed everyone with her dress and composure. I was expecting a lot of choking up, but it was minimal. Sam and I resisted our usual observational humor routines. Then sparklers, party bus, picture taking downtown. The Reception at this super fancy hall downtown. I gave my toast and I admit it was pretty intimidating, following Bethie’s smooth talking confident father, the room was massive and beautiful, and a lot of guests. I was told I did a fine job. Lynnie the MOH was very nervous, but barreled through and did a great job. We ate until we could stand not dancing to the live band that seemed to add a new member with each song. We shut that place down and went to a bar where I had a beer and realized I didn’t need anymore. It was one of those nights where you are just scrambling to soak up all the fun to be had.

Sunday was brunch and I spent the rest of the day lazing around waiting for my flight home. Foods consumed Sunday: coffee, muffin, McDonalds, cookies, Doritos, ice cream. Persons observed at the airport: French cowboys.

Adventureland — I thought this was one of those Seth Rogin stoner movies, but he wasn’t even in it. I really liked it!
Gold Diggers of 1933 — Old musical about the depression. Not bad. Didn’t finish it though.
Trailer Park Boys — Movie of this Canadian TV show that’s pretty funny.

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