Art Basel Miami

Last Tuesday I did yoga.

Wednesday afternoon I went to Miami for Art Basel. KR and I got in and met Nato and Brock at this party in the back of this confusing hotel, the free drink options were vodka or wine. Then Dan showed up. Then Dan and I went to this bar. Then Dan went home.

Thursday I went and saw the show at the Wolfsonian. It was really incredible. Everything came together really nice. Then we went to NADA. There were work cocktails that evening, but I wasn’t too chatty on account of wiling out the night before.

Friday we went to Art Basel, Pulse and the Rubell collection. That night was the big opening at the Wolfsonian. I was doing impromptu tours of the museum to people that I sorta recognized and people that I wanted to meet. Leslie Hall performed and people flipped out. After I tagged along to some fashionista parties with some Canadians.

Saturday morning KR and I helped lead a kids craft workshop for Kid Made Modern. It was a big success. There was an artist’s talk for everyone in the show that afternoon. I watched SNL, then went out to Mac Deuce and a couple of club places.

Sunday we hung out by the pool and did no more art stuff. Some Creative Time people joined us. That evening I went to their party on the ocean front. There was a lot of room to stretch out, so we did a lot of weird dancing.

Monday the weather was the best it was the whole trip so we seriously hung out by the pool. Mojitos and martinis all day.


Apocolypse Now Redux — watched on HBO when I couldn’t sleep. I’d seen it before. Thought it was funny that Dennis Hopper played a photog in the movie, then saw a gallery of his photography later that day.

Greedy — Kirk Douglas is rich old uncle Joe. His no good family wants his money. Michael J Fox and Phil Hartman up in it too.

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