Last weekend was the 4th of July. This year featured One Van to Rule Them All, mix CDs, louder music, glowing in the dark, receipt collection, great weather, pool time, raging bonfires, sparkler typography, food, Coors Light, dinner table jokes, weird god’s eyes, tie dyes, tubeology, sissy paddling, no traffic. All in all pretty fun, pretty smooth. After three consecutive years, we have probably squeezed all the fun out of Slide Mountain.

Dogtooth — totally weird Greek film. Made up language, isolated family.
Winter’s Bone — this girl in the Ozarks is trying to find her meth head daddy. Really good movie I thought. Everyone looks so miserable in it.
Screwed — stupid movie starring two great comedians. I thought it would be sorta good, but wasn’t.
White Dog — this dog is racists.

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