Let’s see … This last weekend I went to Philadelphia. Went to see Dave’s new place. He has a shop vac. Then went to see Kate’s place. She has two living rooms and an extra bedroom with a bed in it. I was pretty comfortable there. Then to a dance party for young persons. I tried to dance buy my heart wasn’t in it. Spent a good portion of Saturday at Nato & Theresa’s eventually ending the night there with a real beet session. Roasting, peeling, chopping, dropping, mixing, riffing, punning beets. I think my peel rate is about 10 BPM. Sunday I had a real nice day of shopping, visiting and attending the 1st Philly Stake, a friend to our Brooklyn FEAST. They did a great job and was deemed a success. Took the bus back Monday morning and it was free.

The weekend prior I went camping by myself for a night. And had an Eid Dinner at Esha’s. And worked on our Hit Play-sentation for the upcoming Creative Time Summit.

The weekend before that Jake and Alison and their friend Megan came, then Sam and Beth came. They did all kinds of stuff. But I only consumed food with them. Lots of it.

The weekend before that I didn’t do nothing on account of being ill.

The weekend before that was FEAST.

I think you should be all caught up now.

The Swimmer — only on “watch it now” this guy in the suburbs swims home, pool by pool.

Animal Kingdom — Australian movie. Was okay.

Bill’s Run: POV — I’d already seen this, maybe on PBS in Kansas.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus — Not my thing.

The Game — Michael Douglas & Sean Penn in this amazing psychological thriller. Worth the re-watch.

The Massie Affair: American Experience — Media stirring up a story on the backbone of prejudice and racism. Glad this kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore!

L’Avventura — 1960 Italian movie. Beautiful B&W.

Jimmy Carter: American Experience — Nice guy that Jimmy Carter.

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