On Sept 23rd I went to the dentist — no problems.

On Sept 26th I went Karyn’s baby shower. I think I got drunk and ate a lot of meatballs.

These guys were playing a Rhianna cover

On October 2nd I went to the Trinity Project open studio, Jame’s art thing at the church and drinks at the beer garden with the whole gang. Then to this girl’s birthday party at Union Pool. It was crazy. Trapeze artist, bands, Vic Thrill, creepy contortionist lady.

On October 9th I helped present for FEAST at the Creative Time Summit.

On Oct 18th Esha had a birthday dinner.

The weekend of Oct 23rd I went to the Jersey shore for Bill’s (macaroni rascals) birthday. Had a lot of fun. Jumped in the freezing ocean. Went to Kyle’s birthday when we got back on Sunday.

For Halloween I was a ‘ghost’ and went to Esha & Arthee’s Tim Burton themed party. They really put a lot of work into it. I drank too much but apparently didn’t embarrass myself.

Last weekend I went to Mary & Chris’s housewarming and watched the marathon in Ft. Greene.

On Monday, I went to a great lecture with Jenn at MoMA about Mildred’s Lane and other commune type things.

Yesterday I gave a lecture to Sandman’s students, and it went really well. I like talking about myself and molding minds!

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