Saturday November 13 was FEAST. We worked extra hard to make this a great event, I think it was, but I was mega wound up during. I was very anxious and could not relax… Anyhow I think it was great, and lots of other people said so. We went for beers after, but I was so exhausted and hoarse from talking that I wasn’t up to it and wound up feeling pretty sick the whole next week. The other reason I was feeling stressed is that I was waiting to hear from MASS MoCA about a job offer … which I did hear from them the following Tues. The news was good! I got the job. That means I’ll be moving up to NA soon. I’m pretty excited and think it’ll be a great opportunity. The only downside is leaving nyc and especially being long distance with Esha.

For thanksgiving week I went back to Kansas. Brooke picked me up and we went for a beer then met Tom & Steph for dinner. We went to this place Farmhouse in the River Market. Real good local food. I had some rabbit. Met Blume, Darren, Kate E, Malina at a sports bar somewhere. We drank beers. Had a nice breakfast the next day at the Blume’s. Mostly watched Charlie do his baby things.

Shawn Blume picked me up and we headed to Wamego. The whole gang reunioned down at the old cabin on Saturday night. I think there were 17 dudes in there at one point. We drank light beer and reminisced about old times under the florescent lights of the wilderness. I woke up early in the morning boiling hot and choking on smoke as I think Ted loaded up the fireplace before retiring to the least coveted and laziest sleeping spot — the bottom bunk. Went to my mom’s house that night to begin my week of silently criticizing her life inside my head.

Monday — night I cooked dinner for some friends. On the menu: kale and cannellini beans, polenta cake, pork loin with sweet potatoes. Pretty good meal and the most I’ve cooked for single handedly. The pork was dry, but still okay.

Tuesday — Scott, Lane and I went to a KU game. It was great to be back in the Phog. The game wasn’t much of a nail-biter, but I didn’t mind as I don’t really know who is who anymore. I just sorta waited around for the rock chalk chant. It was nice of my brother to get us tickets and think of something fun to do while I was home.

Wednesday — My mom (and everyone she talks to) deals in the most minutia of details in their day-to-day conversation. What time? With who? How much? etc. In the past I would get mad and say “what are you going to do with this information?” in response. This week I employed a new tactic. Tell her everything all at once. “The game was fun, we left at 5pm, I drove up 24. Got to the game at 6:30. KU won 82 to 41. We had fun. Ate at 23rd St Brewery. I had a cheeseburger, Scott had macaroni, Shawn had some pizza. We got home around 11:30.” This seemed to satisfy her.

I went to my favorite stop when I’m home, the Army Surplus store. got a jacket and some other stuff. Went down to the local bar that night. Only person I really ran into from the past was Jacque. She was weird, and I don’t think her BF wanted us talking to her. Anyhow, as usual it was a bad decision to go.

Thanksgiving — Aunt Carol’s. I haven’t been in 7 years I think. Lots of cousin’s kids I’d never even heard of or met before. Overall it was a good time. I brought KSU themed Bud Light cans that were a big hit. I drank a bunch of them.

Friday — Scott and I putted around in Manhattan, had dinner with mom and her friend. Had a beer that night at Jakes.

Saturday — finally found a moment to lecture my mom on her poor eating habits. Mom, please eat some fresh fruit and vegetables (not canned, packaged). Do not drink 1/2 gallon of OJ a day. It has a lot of added sugar. Drink some water once in a while. Don’t make meals that are one color (all yellow). Don’t even buy these packaged sugar foods. Etc. I’ve given up on the Diet Coke argument. She drinks them rapid fire in succession in the morning, so I don’t notice anyhow. I don’t suspect she’s going to make any changes.

Drove to the airport with fam. Wolfed down Arthur Bryant’s before boarding.

It was a good week. Kind of hard for me, cause I didn’t have much to occupy myself with in my down time and my mind was racing thinking about my move and new job. But great to see everyone and spent more time with people than usual. Nice to see everyone’s kids and that everyone is doing well.

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