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On Monday some people from MTV came to our apt and looked at it, they are filming some type of pilot and needed a sort of crappy nyc apartment. Our was perfect they said. However they never called back. That afternoon Jennie graduated from college, I met up with her family and we went to a little ceremony and to get some food. Then I met them again for dinner at this crazy mid-town asian restaurant with a giant buddha statue. Then I worked a couple of days at A&E. It was so boring, Surfing the internet in a cubicle isn’t as good as surfing the net at home. This weekend I really only went to bars and walked around the city. Saturday I rode the Staten Island Ferry just for kicks and to be on a boat. Last night I saw a good documentary called Mad Hot Ballroom, it was about inner-city 11 year olds competing at ballroom dancing. Oh, and I bought my plane tickets home, I’ll be coming in June 10 – 20. I am homesick!

(update: MTV will be filming here this week)

One thought on “Blog Time

  1. more like home syck.

    dude it is gonna rock when you are here. i think we should wear overalls and use accents.

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