What I Read On-line

I made a tweet last week that I’ve hit “peak revelation.” I can’t learn about what I didn’t know that I didn’t know any more! I never even deploy the new knowledge. I’m on the lookout for things that are plain entertainment, or art. Maybe I should read a book?

I also made a facebook rant a while ago, that I think some ppl took the wrong way, about lack of pure status in the feed. Over the last 2 years, every time I see a shared article I go up to the top right and click “hide all from nytimes.com” or whatever it is…

— the result of which is that I only really see actual status updates (maybe 4 ppl I know regularly post), instagram reposts (I find annoying, and you can’t block) and things ppl liked “John liked this” … usually some other person’s status.

That said, I look forward to email newsletters, in this order:

I pruned my RSS feed to:

I scan nytimes app headlines, but really only read the weekend printed edition.

And niche subreddits.

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