Thursday I worked late or something then went to Carolyn’s for dinner.

Friday I had to wait around my apartment all morning for the gas man to come. The window of time was 8am to 1pm. So the dude shows up at noon. I can use my stove top again. Went on to work. Went to the book fair. Went for tacos with Willow, Aug and Mike. Kept running into people that didn’t recognize me on account of my specs. Went to Karyn’s to meet up with her and Jeff and Molly. Ate and drank more. Mike and I went out after and drank too much.

Saturday was the Hit Book party for October. I was tired after that so I went home and read the newspaper and listened to the radio.

Sunday I went back to the book fair to network and purchase books. It was too crowded! Afterwards I went to the movies and got some food. I was gonna grow a beard, but it’s too itchy!

Dr. Zhivago — really long. Suffering Russians. I’m not so sure why everyone went apeshit for the main actress… she was beautiful, but other than that they don’t say what was so special about her. I guess that’s all it took back then. And everyone in Russia had English accents back then.

Bed and Board — old French movie. Man cheats on his wife but seems to be ok in France. At least it did in the 60s.

Synecdoche, New York — New Charlie Kauffman movie. Seemed long. PS Hoffman really miserable. Really reminded me of the book Remainder by Tom McCarthy.

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