Jeepers I have been swamped with work. Too busy to blog at least. We been running around taking pictures of paintings, making phone calls, doing emails. It’s probably what a lot of people’s normal work lives are like.

Last weekend’s big event was the Hit Cook dinner party at DMP and Molly’s. So much food. I am not sure if I can remember a fav dish. Everything was really good and there were just too many flavors. There were desserts too. All good ones. I was so busy eating I hardly talked to anyone. We went to a bar to meet some people afterward, I couldn’t drink more than one beer.

Mike and I went and saw Brightblack Morning Light. It was super chill. There was this kaleidoscope thing there that I was all psyched up to goof on, but it turned out to be pretty sweet.

Last night I went out to dinner. We drank wine and went for dessert afterward. Seems like I been working and eating. La dolce vita!

I was at Pizza Hut, it was a bit more square and smaller than in real life. Sitting on higher tables too. Me and some guys on the table in front. These geisha women kept coming in, but they weren’t all that dolled up. Sloppy geishas. I was like, what is it “geisha day at Pizza Hut or something?” Then later we were 4 stories above Pizza Hut on this lookout watchtower thing and looking down at these teens lined up for prom or something. I think they were all from St. George. Anyhow Grant was all, “hey I went on a date with that blond one.” And she was the only one not dressed up. Then somehow her clothes peeled off of her her an made this kind of circle and she sort of tuliped out in this party dress the had a photo print of giant saltine crackers on it. She was dancing around and I was thinking “oh brother, what’s this girl up to?” and then her dance got kind of raunchy and I thought “she’s gonna regret that for the rest of her life now.”

Then there was this other dream where I was watching this group of 5 ten year old boys who were some kind of band, anyhow I was like “these kids suck” at first, then they put these papier-mache animal heads on and somehow sounded a lot better. Then they showed a segment from Oprah on a big screen. It was about how cool it was to be an organ donor. There was a scene where it showed an example of the forms, and the one they showed just happened to be mine and my signature was real big. I announced “hey! That’s my organ donor deal!” I then told my neighbor that I had a hunch that I’d end up on Oprah for signing up for this organ donor business. Then I got out my driver’s license so I could admire the little icon on it that tells the cops I’m an organ donor when they find my dead body.

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