Still very busy with work. Tomorrow is the start of my christmas vacay. Flying home. Last week Mike and I went to see Zach Galifanakis do live comedy. The venue was oversold so we sat in this wierd section in the back, and even though it was hilarous, I realized on the way home there was really only about 15 minutes of material stretched over the entire hour. But still funny like I said. A lot of racism jokes.

Last weekend I went to a party and ate a lot of food. Sunday night was Willow’s birthday, at the Indian restaurant for the 2nd year in a row. That place is funny and crazy. Why are they in such a hurry?

On Monday Carolyn and I went to see Ted Leo the rock musician play. Not totally my thing, but a really great show nonetheless.

Looking at my Rental History there’s a bunch of DVDs I forgot to review:
Umbrellas of Chambourg. A musical. In French.

Boy A. Depressing English movie.

Tomorrow. Kind of a slow quiet movie that would survive todays slow quiet indie movie standards, but this one was made in 1972. Stars Robert Duvall. I recommend if you like slow quiet indie movies.

The Third Man. Old whodunit movie. With a lot of non subtitled German.

The Tin Drum. Amazing creepy German movie.

Lovers of the Artic Circle. One of those “life is a serious of coincidences” movies.

Tarnation. I kept thinking this looks like it was made in iMovie, then at the end — “made with iMovie”

Reprise. I remember thinking it was ok, but can’t remember why at this point.

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