Summer Recap


June 22
Tim put together a kind of critical mass bike pub crawl around North Adams. The bars are too close together so we did more drinking than riding.


June 25 Solid Sound weekend
Gino, Helen, Bill and Esha were all here for the big music festival. It rained most of the weekend and I had to work a lot. We managed to enjoy ourselves enough. I was taking tickets and putting wristbands on people and doing a lot of carnival barking and bs’ing with people to entertain myself.

July 4 weekend
I went down to nyc and meet the gang at some wine bar for a few beers. The next day went to S Jersey with Esha and we went to the beach and to a pool and ate ice cream and swam and ate thai food and went to this restaurant on an oyster bay.

I’d dumped all my stuff out of the Wilson’s and started living in the cabin.

July 18 weekend
Esha came to visit and we saw a bear.

July 24 weekend
Went to Stockbridge and stayed with Abby and Dave for a couple nights. Did a lot of chatting. Ate ice cream and sat by a river. Dave cooked a nice meal. Stopped and saw Sadai w/ her family in Lenox, had more ice cream. On a Monday night I went to Saratoga to hang out with KR and her bro and his wife. They cooked and we practiced putting for frisbee golf.

July 30 weekend
Mike K came up and we swam, and hiked, ate cheeseburgers, scouted land, hang out. It was a real trip.

Aug 6 weekend
Sandman came up to North Adams with 14 students for an intense crash course workshop thing. August came up and we did a brainstorm session and talked to the kids all day. The old adage — “I learned more from them” was true in my case. I learned that I do not want to teach and work with students. They were mostly exhausted, and I don’t have much patience waiting for people to “get it.” It was fun to work with my friends, and the students ended making some fun work.


Aug 13 weekend in Deer Isle, Maine
Esha and I drove to portland for a night, stayed at an airbnb without any problems. Cheap and there really was breakfast and lots of conversation (hosts telling us their life story). Had some good food and saw a movie in Portland. Spent a couple nights in Deer Isle at a house Molly has gone to every summer since her childhood. Lots of relaxing and looking out into the distance. Lots of good eating with extra help from Nick S and Gaskins. Aug took lotsa nice pics. Esha and I also saw a play about divorce at Williamstown Theater Festival.

Aug 27 weekend
Hurricane Irene. I didn’t do much to prepare. Saw a weird dance thing at work. Went to Mezze with Maureen and Tim. Martin made hurricanes. It rained a lot on Sunday and I eventually had to take my wind chime down.

Labor Day Weekend in NYC
Made it to NYC in less than 4 hrs and found a parking spot right away. Had tacos in Queens, saw Jenn at Irving’s show, ran into Karyn and Lindy, drank most of an afternoon and evening with Mike, Nick J, Nick P, Aug. Had to call it quits before midnight and had a terrible hangover the next day. Esha made lamb and stew for Eid dinner at her sister’s. Did a picnic in the park with Emily, David, JWill, Smith, Jenn, Sandman, Maggie, twins. Saw Gino and Helen. Left NYC 5am on Tues morning.

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