Josh Jones came to the East coast, but I got too drunk on Friday and didn’t connect with him on Saturday. Me and Jennie went to see her bosses show at the Met and I nearly passed out on the subway on the way back. I was getting some pretty worried looks from the other passengers. I decided again that I should curb the binge drinking. Sometime I look at other non-hung over people on the weekends and wonder what they did the night before. Did they have fun? Some of my friends here were the quiet coffee shop types in college or whenever at some point in time. Now it seems that a lot of what we do is drink too much. I don’t know why that is. Ironically I worked at the ad agency for a week on a Heinekin pitch. It was pretty easy work and they liked me.

I was dog sitting that week and my neighbor who owns the dog decided she’d stay in baltimore for a few extra days. She didn’t bother to call or check in or return any of my phone calls. That dog ended up making me really cranky and cemented my decision to definitely not get a dog. I’m sure some nice things happened too, but I can’t remember them.

I went to a cool bar last night for Liz’s birthday. It was way deep into Brooklyn and Peter played some jazz all night and we went to a diner at 5am. They did not have a french dip sandwich. I dwelled on that for quite some time. I thought it was a standard order.

It’s Saturday, and I kind of just want to watch movies or tv. Baseball is on.