Sent a couple paintings off to Portland, Oregon 2 shows. One about the alphabet and the other about dogs. Pretty deep stuff. It was kind of fun though and I’ve been chatting with the dude that put it together quite a bit. Still working off and on at the ad agency. I figure I am in demand there because I work fairly fast and they are always pushing til the last minute to get stuff done. Before Thanksgiving me and Jennie and Brooke went to this show call Mortified where people read from their childhood diaries and school papers. One dude was really funny. When he was a kid he was mad at Ringling Bros Circus for dressing a goat up like a unicorn.

Thanksgiving was good. I ate with friends at Kate’s apartment. Her roommate is a chef, so the food was really good. I drank too much wine and probably embarassed myself. Towards the end I kept saying “hot property” over and over in an Ed McMahon voice. I finally met up with and accountant and I’m trying to get my taxes straightened out. I’m going to owe a lot of money. Lousy no good government.

Still dragging my feet with the artists guide. I really have to get that project wrapped up soon. After that I have to start working stuff for this thing in Chicago Feb. 1. I bought tickets for me and Jennie to go to Mexico with Dave, Leslie, Sam, Bethie and 2 strangers in April. Young Professionals Vacaying. So I have things to look forward to.