Friday Jennie took off for Paris. I met Mike and Dan at an art opening, then Mike and I went to dinner at Sweetwater. After that we met Brooke and Gino at East River Bar. After that we walked to Savalas for a beer. Then to Snacky for 2 beers. Then we headed towards my house and went to the Mexican dance club. We mostly watched.

Saturday I went to see Willow’s film. That night I went to Nato & Miranda’s for dinner and crashed at their place. Sunday we got up and went to the anarchist coffee shop, then to a famous real Brooklyn pizza joint. then Coney Island, then back to Williamsburg for some margaritas, then this strange techno party in the park by the water, then to a show in the Lower East Side. We were pretty beat.

Last night I tried to go to a show, but the bands switched times, and I missed the dudes I wanted to see. We had some beers and ate at Kellogg’s late night. Today I went to the orthodontist cause my retainer thing fell out and I wanted the cement ground off of my teeth. I’ve started watching the TV series Battlestar Gallactica.

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