Money Machine

Below is an illustrated example of our automated finances (numbers changed, gender-neutral names added). After a few months of testing and tweaking, everything is pretty much on auto-pilot. The basic idea is for every month:

  • Bills (on autopay) & recurring fixed costs throughout the month on credit card
  • “Pay yourself first” by putting money in retirement and savings accts (this can be set up to be automatic)
  • Pay any other bills (rent, loan, anything you can’t pay w/ CC)
  • Spend what you have left (Guilt Free Spending)
  • Any money beyond that goes into our 2nd savings acct (kinda like rollover minutes)

This works for us as it’s not really a “budget” — we pay into our savings goals, and spend the rest. You can get more in-depth info on how & why in the book I Will Teach You to Be Rich.


[full size]

Here’s a google spreadsheet version as well:


[full size]

I’ve made a sample google spreadsheet — if you want to save it to your google drive, open the link and go to: “File > Make a copy…”

We use Capital One 360 for our savings accounts. It’s easy to set up multiple accounts for your different savings goals. Sign up via our affiliate link.

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