In Minneapolis

    According to my iCal:

Saw PaperRad at MoMA – Jacob should tour as an inspirational speaker with Andrew WK
Had drinks with Porter – Hadn’t seen her since x-mas
Went to a Chicago themed party – sponsored by Nato – was way too crowded and I went over to Vasmay
Saw the Suckers – at Supreme Trading, it was hot as hell, but they put on the best show I’d seen from them. Went to the Abbey with Mike afterwards
Went to a BBQ – at David Micheal’s, went on to Red Hook with Mike, Nick and Liz. Got way too drunk and pissed off some bluegrass band, and embarssed myself
Went to the end of Long Island – with Mike and Gino, we saw skinny dippers, spent about 1 total hour on the beach, drank about 100 beers, bbq’d, determined most beach towns are the same
Saw Andrew WK – with Ingrid, he played piano and his friend played guitar for about 1/2 hour in this tiny theater, maybe 30 people there, mostly confused teens. I enjoyed it. Went to a 7 yr old’s birthday and various bars that night as well.
Went to a fancy BBQ – at Aug’s boss’s house, the 1st of 2
Went to the Daft Punk afterparty – at Studio B. Sweaty
Went to Sandman’s opening – at Eat, then onto N & M’s and watched movies and drank too much wine. Stayed over and went TV shopping the next day
Another fancy BBQ – grilling, drinking and joking. Follow by a long night at bars
Went to Chicago – again. Had a great time, grilled at Sam’s. Biked all over the place. Saw some art, including Phoebe’s solo show. Partied. Ate a lot of Mexican food. Went to turtle races. Went to horse races
Prepared my portfolio – for a job I don’t want
Brooke left – we drank in honor of the occasion. Ended up on our old rooftop and threw about 50 bottles off of it. Felt stupid
Saw Superbad – The best
Had a very extended happy hour – at sweet & viscous with the gang
Went to Minneapolis – for Tom & Steph’s well-designed wedding. Had a blast with all the KU buddies. Went to the Walker finally, sculpture garden was the best
Saw Daniel Johnston – again, nearly as good as last time. Venue was more intimate