Been hanging out with Mike and Gino quite a bit. Gino works at a bar on the weekends, so we are preferred customers. The nights begin i innocently enough…

I was comfortably staying at Aug’s apt and I was kicked out by the landlady. It was kind of comical.

I flew back to Kansas and rode to Council Grove with the Blume family. We scooted over to the rehearsal dinner and got ourselves in line. We had dinner at the Hays House, I ordered chicken, but should have gotten beef like everyone else. Grant suggested we stop at this place called the B.A.R. on the way home. They had beers there, and country and western music, and people that stared at us. Then we went to the other bar in town. It was a honky tonk. We saw a fight and when it was broken up, no one was kicked out. The wedding went off without a hitch. Grant and Casey zipped off to the reception in the Mustang. We drank, we danced, we went to the bars again.

Then I was in Wamego for the next 2 weeks. I had a really nice time. The weather was great and we kept busy. I used Jake and Ted’s wifi and Huxley watched me use it. I went to my mom’s hangouts, the VFW and the honky bar. She wanted her friends to stare at me. Just about every night there was someone cooking food or drinking beers. I liked walking around Wamego at midnight when it was completely dark and everyone was asleep. I probably could have stayed another week.

Darren and Lexi got married in Salina. It was in this former church, so it had the looks of a church wedding with less of the churchy stuff. Nice. There was a cat walking around too. The reception was at the country club. Alison was excited cause she had prom there. We made the most of the dance floor and then the bars of Salina. At some point we put on this insane impromtu stage show. Then to the hotel for brews, then I passed out and allegedly unpassed out. We made our way back to KC and flew back to NY.

The other night Aug sent me a last minute IM invite to a taping of the Colbert show. It was the first day his book came out (which Aug designed), and the audience got a copy. Colbert saw Aug and shook his hand and said “hey, good to see ya” and the rest of the audience thought he was hot shit, which he was. Last night I had some steak with N & M & K.