I’ve been living in what you could describe as a cold water flat, or a tenement. Its a long narrow place. The mini-bathtub is raised off of the ground 2 ft. so you really gotta step up to get in. Also it’s in its own room, the toilet is in it’s own room and the kitchen sink is also the bathroom sink.

I’ve still been hanging out at the bar Gino works at too much, but less and less over the last few weeks. Which is for the best. There is no good way to leave that place, and I end up staying til close, then we go somewhere else, and sometimes we brownbag a tallboy on the train on the way home. Or we take a cab with some complete strangers to Korea town at 4am and eat spicy piles of something and soup.

I’ve been at my new job since Oct 17. I really like it. I receive health insurance. Everyone is really nice and my only real complaint is a sticky spacebar on my keyboard. We are about to head into “crunch time” for the next 10 days though.

The gang went camping in the appalachian trail. It was real pretty and scenic and all of that. I think I’m going to get into camping next spring. We hiked a lot, carried stuff, pitched tents, looked at fire, listened for bears and smelled bad on the way home.

Jake and Alison came up for a visit. We had a time. Lots of drinking, halloween partying, eating, tourism. The final night we decided we were partied out and went for a glorious dinner at my fav. restaurant and i had rabbit. can you believe it? Rabbit! then we went out for a drink, but ended up getting many many drinks. I really don’t ever remember much after the 1st bar, but I think we went to 3. We brought some guy with us back to brooklyn, and he was in my apartment, and finally we were like, uh we don’t know this dude and it’s 5 am. Jake told him he had to go, but i don’t think he wanted to. Also we drank some black velvets, champagne and guinness. Pretty good. I felt bad for them cause I was knew I was in pain, but they were on a plane in pain. We had a lot of laughs.

For Thanksgiving the gang rented a van and drove up to Providence for a couple of nights. We spent most of turkey day sipping Hennessey and laying down tracks. We got pretty wild by the end and I think we managed to annoy our hosts pretty well. Sam, Dave, and Bop joined us for the remainder of the weekend in NY. As expected we did a lot of joking, watched some videos on the internet, talked about said video too much, watched sports, ate real brooklyn pizza, harlem bbq, and generally brewed down.

This past weekend I went down to Miami for this art festival About 300 galleries and art people from all over go there, the whole place is basically one big sponsored party for the whole weekend. Overall I had a great time, but my priorities were: 1. go to the pool / ocean, 2. eat and drink, 3. go to fun parties, 4. look at art. It was really warm there, and it’s really cold here. I would rather be there I think.

A weird TV show I watched a DVD of: Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, still slowly getting through Deadwood.