Rock Bottom

Same shit, different day. By shit I mean alcohol abuse. For the last however many (too many) days I have been going out and boozing and swearing and all sorts of evil things. Yesterday my body said “no more!” I woke up more or less paralyzed with pain, around 3 in the afternoon I stumbled over to the corner store for gatorade and… I couldn’t make it the block home. About half way I crippled to the ground and started puking in the gutter. I struggle to stand, my face wet with tears and sweat. At that point I thought maybe I should take it easy for a few days. I am not sure what is happening to me, I start out with good intentions, but usually end up drinking one beer too many. It also isn’t like I am drinking a ton either, I think it is the night after night after night that is getting to me.

In less depressing news, I think I have landed a job at a magazine called SLAM. It is about basketball. I had the interview last friday and it was super casual and the girl interviewing me said I was her favorite and sent me home with a sample assignment. We are meeting for lunch on Monday, hopefully to discuss how much vacation time I get.

That is about all the news. No drinking ’til Memorial day, and I got a real job. Good week.