What up freakers! I can think of a couple of things to talk about. A week ago we had a little bbq on our sidewalk/loading dock… it went ok, and was lo-key. The real insight came afterwards, we were sitting in our living room and I looked around, clockwise beginning with myself, then a girl from russia or something, then a gay guy, then my roommate from florida, a girl named Biki from germany, my other roommate from Virginia and two other people from Virginia. For a moment I thought I was looking down on this situation from some kind of monitor that was labeled NEW YORK GET-TOGETHER! I should also mention that we were trying to harness the power of a ouija board too.

Last week I had a day of freelance at this really corporate firm where a new friend of mine works. It was pretty boring and all the jokes about cubicles and office jaron applied. All day she kept apoligizing for the job and said something like she wouldn’t hire me on principle because she knows I couldn’t take it… I told her to take it easy and stop stroking my ego.

Saturday me and 4 friends went up to Massachusetts to an art opening, at the after party this group of professional/touring dancers appeared after a show they did, and they took over and started this insane dance party among themselves. I bet if you know how to dance really well it is easy to make friends. Sunday was brunch — I just found out that brunch is awesome! Especially if you just have to show up and eat. When we got back to Brooklyn last night I experienced the cliche of country air vs. city air. Man this place smells so fucking bad after getting back from a mountain. I never noticed it before…and I don’t notice it right now, but getting out of the car it really hit me.

How’s this for an idea — Universal Birthday or UBD, everyone celebrates their birthday on June 25. Think of how great it would be. Also Universal Anniversary Day.