Vegas → Denver → Wamego

Oh boy. Well I am finally back in Wamego for a couple of days. Not too comfortable though… my mom decided to remodel the house while I was on vacation, so I came home to a cleared out house, with my few belongings in the basement and garage, covered in sawdust. Plus I started painting the ceilings and walls as soon as I got back.

Vegas was wild. I expected to party hard. But we partied really hard. I was moderate in comparison, but some of the guys were on true benders. When I first got there, I wondered what the big deal was all about. I wascertainly not impressed, more like depressed, but after a couple of drinks I figured it out–you cando whatever the hell you want in Vegas.I wanted to stay up all night and be obnoxious, and it was fine with old Las Vegas. Really fun party.

Went on to Denver, the rest of the crew went camping and skiing and what not. I sat on the couch and watched TV until they were ready to go home. There is something to be said about ten guys in a two bedroom apartment for 3 days. I am not sure what that thing is yet, but you need to experience it every couple of years. Weird shit happens.

So tomorrow I am off again. Moving to New York for a couple months at least. More if I can find work. More on that soon.