KS → VT → NY

Well the past couple of weeks have been fun. On April 3rd I called the dude I was supposed to sublet from on my way from Kansas (I was in Indiana) and he was all “yeah, your moving in on the 12th right?” I said that I was en route… It all worked out though. I spent a week in Vermont with some of my friends from Massachusetts last summer. It was pretty cool, they have a cabin-like house on the edge of the mountain. I spent a lot of time staring out the window watching birds and all of that. Sort of like being outdoors without having to go outside.

Last Saturday I met my brother at the airport in New York, and we spent the weekend doing all kinds of New York activities; walking around, eating, Yankees game, Central Park, Comedy, getting really drunk, throwing up…

Some questions you might have:

How’s your apartment? It is ok. The analogy I have been giving people is: imagine a movie where an artist moves to New York and lives in a weird warehouse looking place. The place is really a soundbed of sorts–the fridge has a pretty loud hum, hissing sounds from the many pipes running along the walls and ceiling, and the trucks on the street. Very loud. I haven’t really checked out the neighborhood yet.. All I know is that there is a deli nearby.

How’s your car? Pretty good. I had it checked out before I left Kansas and there weren’t any problems with it. However I backed into a fire hydrant the other day and put a nasty hole in the bumper. I am not going to get it fixed, as it will probably get f’d up even more. I need to rent a parking space up here or sell it. It is kind of a hassle.

Have you done your taxes? I am working on them today. I have 4 w-2 forms from 3 different states!

Have you found a job? No. Haven’t started looking, I have some promising leads though.