Well, I never got that burrito I was thinking I was gonna get. I probably went to Whole Foods instead. Tuesday night I went up to the planetarium after work. It was like being inside but looking outside. It made me tired cause I thought it was night. It also made me want to go lay down on a dock on lake in the middle of nowhere and look at the stars. Wednesday I met up with Gino and drank beers and forgot to eat dinner. Regretted that on Thursday. Was totally in space all day yesterday and really wanted to go home and go to sleep, but I couldn’t on account of the not-as-important-as-it-was-built-up-to-be VP debate. DMP and Molly had everyone over and had a full spread as usual. I was really hoping to see a big gaffe on Palin’s part, but she delivered pretty well. I especially liked when she was all, “dog gone it” “darn it” “you betcha” on us. My favorite moment was when Biden delivered his line on being a single father. That was probably the only moment that no one saw coming. I can’t really say that either one won, I think that people on both sides will have good things to say about their candidate. I’m selling my wacom tablet on ebay. I haven’t even turned my computer at home on in about a month. Eased up on the coffee this week. Ramped up soup consumption.

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  1. Victoria made soup last night. after much deliberation i came clean and told her i didnt like it. it was white bean soup. but it had carrot in it too so it was orange. i was fine with all of that but she pureed it. she pureed the butternut squash soup she made last time too. i didn’t like that either. i guess i just dont like pureed soup as a main course. to all up in my mouth. she took the criticism like a champ and said she likes it. I think i am gonna make some white chili this weekend.

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