Jesus Screamers

I may very well be one of the first folks to blog about the Nader rally that took place on Wall Street just an hour ago here in New York City. Let me set the scene: Wall Street. People milling about. Some barricades filled with people filming and recording the event with various digital devices. Outcasts and people wearing sweatpants holding signs. One particularly vocal fellow screaming about his hatred for “Mickey Mouse [politicians]” and claims every one working on Wall St. is doing cocaine. He’d occasionally yell things like “black panthers!” and “cocaine!” and other various ooga booga sayings that distracted folks. Nader and his running mate wore cheap suits and discussed how both parties are crooks (I agreed) and how the media doesn’t report on things that matter. Anyhow, it was pretty lackluster and we cut out early and went to Chipotle, but the line was too long. That long line was a blessing cause we got some incredible soup! Soup ’08!

Last night we watched the ole debatahon here at the office. There was some issues with the antennae. We bought a bunch of beer and snacks. Drank all the beer and ate most the snacks. Everyone had a good time. The Z-Trip Obama mix was a hit. This group thought Obama was the clear winner. I am sure there are groups elsewhere in a different office that thought McCain was the clear winner.

The Jesus screamers that were at the Nader rally were also in the intersection in front of the WTC site yesterday as well. We really like their giant sign and want to make one.

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