Pumpkin Patch

Friday I met Isom and we went and saw some art in Chelsea. Some highlights include very funny art from Olaf Breuning and some nice stuff from Rita Ackerman. It was nearing closing time so we didn’t hit too many galleries. Went for a couple beers at a crowded place and split. I met up with Carolyn to poke around EFA open studios. Enjoyed talking about Best Show with Scott Teplin (in addition to seeing his great drawings). Also really liked Sang Ah-Choi’s work. Overall high quality work from all the artists in there. We went on down to Alphabet City and had dinner at Max. Really carbed up.

Saturday had some doughnuts and saw the Elizabeth Peyton show. She’s really into people that look like David Bowie. Shopped for a jacket, but ended up making an impulse glasses buy. Got an exam on the spot and picked a pair out. I expressed my concern over the thickness of my lenses but they assure me it won’t be so bad. I am not sure if I believe them. Went to a Boston dude birthday gathering that night. There were crepes and we watched the baseball games and people made a lot of jokes.

Sunday there was brunch. Then we up and went to the Queens County Farm Musuem to the “pumpkin patch” — I put that in quotes, cause it was more like a patch of dirt with some straw laid out and every 20 yards there was a crate of pumpkins (shipped in from who knows where), that someone was distributing back onto the ground. There were tons of people there to go through the corn maze. I don’t like getting lost in corn so I just watched pigs smash and eat pumpkins, looked at horses that appear to be on sedatives, and little kids maliciously chasing chickens. Went to DMP and Molly’s later that night to gut and cut the pumpkins and watch the comedy film Big Business. Hot cider with whiskey and mulled wine were served.

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