Last Sunday was my birthday. I went to a bar for some other people’s birthdays the night before and I told some people it was my birthday, but that it was a secret. I did some binge drinking. Sunday night Jennie and I ate dinner at Moto after she returned from Californie. I didn’t do anything too exciting last week, I tried to draw a lot. Worked at the ad agency for 3 days. Finished watching all 3 seasons of Battlestar Galactica. It’s an ok show. Good enough to keep watching it. The Wire was definitely better. I’ve started getting the DVDs for Deadwood via netflix. I’m enjoying it so far. Last night I went down to DUMBO for an art opening, there was some good stuff. Then to a friend’s BBQ, talked to a lot of nice strangers and then to a bar where Gino and I played those touch screen games. Today I was bored and Sam IMed me that he’d rode 55 miles yesterday, so I felt guilty and rode up to Harlem on the west side bike path. It was very pleasant. In Harlem I ate a Memphis style pork sandwich with potato salad and carrot & raisin salad and a beer and cobbler for dessert. It was delicious. After that I was riding by this bar and this dude was all “hey what do you think about this car?” Turns out this character, George, is a big fan of the Subaru company. He had 3 of them sitting there. Man did he love Subaru! We talked for about 30 minutes.

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