Most know by now that I now have an ex-girlfriend. That all happened and I took off for a week in Chicago rather than sit around NY obsessing about what I should do. Sam and I had a good old time there. As usual lots of good eats, some ribs and such at Sam’s followed by some beers and such at bars. The weekend we went up to Wisconsin to his friend’s lake house, which was totally fun — swimming, games, bonfire, strange Wisconsin beers… you get the idea. Sunday, Mark, Sam and I went to a rap concert on the south side sponsored by some muslims that were all about peace and good vibes. Lupe Fiasco fell of the stage he was rapping so hard. I hung out with Kate and Phoebe and my old grip buddies and looked at some art and rode a bike all over the place. When I got back to NY it was super hot and I packed all of my shit up and put it into storage. The day after that Sam came here to NY and the whole gang got together for our big bike ride to Montauk. We took the train out of the city a bit and got going on for our 100 mile trip. There were 3 flats in the first 25 miles and it was looking to be a tedious ride, then we kicked it into high gear and pledged to ride the next 25 nonstop. Then we had lunch, rode another 20, took a break, then rode the last 18 to the town. Took a break. Then rode 6 to the end of the island, took pictures and rode back to the motel for an even 100. (Technically more since we rode 5 miles to the train station that morning) In the end I was pretty tired cause I’d gone faster than I should have the whole time, but fuck, once I got to pedaling I would just get going and didn’t want to stop. It was a challenge, but we had a lot of fun. We stayed the night and took the train back to the city on Sunday. Sam and I did some tourism for the next couple of days and then he left.

On the 4th I got onto another train and went upstate to this house my friends had rented for the week. It was really big, had bats flying around in it, and there was a pool. We had a lot of fun swimming, drinking, cooking and all of that. Plus the usual weird shit Nato comes up with (games).

Other than that I’m chilling.

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