Took it real easy last week. Friday was Halloween and for at least the 3rd year in a row I went to DJ’s birthday party. I wore some sort of floppy medieval knight costume for $6 at the dollar store. There were lots of good costumes out there and not as many political themed costumes as I’d anticipated. Anyhow, the party was a great deal of fun, but I drank too much. Most of Saturday was ruined. Sunday I went to the flea market and bought some junk. Everyone’s updating their facebook status as if someone might potentially be unaware of the upcoming election. Way to do your part people!

This is England — about skinheads. Fairly boring.

Antonio Gaudi — about the architect. Painfully boring.

Fail Safe — about nuclear war. The one from the 50s, I guess there was re-make recently. Pretty good.

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