Was planning on going to work a bit before I left on Friday but the snow and sleet and rain was a coming down. Spent most the day checking to see how long my flight was delayed. The airline’s site wasn’t accurate and I only heard a busy signal when I called them. So I had to go the the airport to hear the inevitable. I bought a book and settled in at the airport bar. Had a couple of beers then went to the gate. When I found out the flight was delayed even further I headed to the bar to find another beer. Something happened in the 30 minutes I was absent and everyone in there seemed to be completely hammered. I sympathized with the bartender there as the a-holes there were pretty nasty. So finally my flight that was supposed to leave at 8pm finally took off at 1am.

Arrived in Kansas City and took a cab to Matt B’s and settled in on the couch around 5am and the next day we all went to Lawrence. Dropped Darren off for the basketball game. Matt, Vick and I took some food to a blind man then drank beers at Free State for the entire afternoon. Ted and Todd picked me up and we drank beers at the Wamego bar all night for Grant’s bday.
Spent the week in Wamego drinking beers with the gang and met Baby Luke. Ole Josh Lake popped in on the 24th. Stopped in Lawrence on the way to the airport and came in Fri night with no troubles.

Last night C and I picked up Dan for some mexican food. I think the shrimp taco I had has irritated me. Not feeling so hot now.

Sunset Boulevard. From 1950. Very good.

Slumdog Millionaire. Sometimes cheesy, but fun and set in India.

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