2 weeks ago was the FEAST fundraiser. There were prizes, beer, and dancing. A lot of dancing.

Some of us Hit Factorie members met with the directors of BEAM Camp. Hopefully we can get up there this summer and work with the kids.

The work week was short. I kept busy working on the Kid Made Modern site, while KR working on launching the Book Dept. blog.

The weekend was long. Thanksgiving was a hit, at the church again. Lots of food, puzzling, confessionals, Kyle as Bubbles the turkey, drinking, and lingering clean up. I spent the rest of my days either being lazy or going to bars.

The Violent Years — Stupid Ed Wood movie. Fell asleep.
Girl 6 — A Spike Lee joint about phone sex. I think I saw this on TBS a long time ago.
Crimes and Misdemeanors — A Woody Allen joint about affairs and such.
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang — Another depression era movie. This fella wants to be an engineer. But he gets mixed up in a wrong place, wrong time situation.

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