Original Artworks

I set up an etsy shop the other day. Several motivations led to this:

  • Very satisfied after buying a drawing off instagram.
  • To make some money. (Goal is $1000.)
  • To take the idea of selling my art more seriously.

I picked my best drawings from the last several years and priced them accordingly. My criteria were time and quality. I’ve been monitoring the stats. Etsy has their own engine, and I assigned different bitly links to my social media pushes.

A facebook post got 105 clicks. Then I ‘promoted’ it for $7, and it has gotten 2 more clicks since then. I hit the ceiling on views w/o promoting.

A twitter post got 1 click. I’m done with twitter. Took it off my home screen and bookmarks.

An instagram post got 1 click. There’s not an easy way to click links in instagram, it’d be a tough conversion to make a sale on mobile for a drawing.

A post I made in the comments of a popular blog got 9 clicks. I need to find other appropriate places to get listed. esty is so crowded.

So far I’ve sold 5 of the lowest-priced drawings to my friends. My next goal is to sell to a stranger. Getting people to spend a little money is hard! It’s funny how we don’t blink an eye at dropping $40 on pizza and beer, then wrestle over buying something lasting like art or a book.

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