Friday and Saturday, August 14 & 15 — Esha and I had our wedding ceremony. It was a ton of work and Esha did 99% of it. We had a great time, and I think our guests did as well. I knew it’d be fun, but my expectations were thoroughly exceded, and it’s hard not to keep thinking about it or talk about it


  • Long, hot day setting up
  • We had it at a co-working space, so we tiptoed around while these people were on their laptops, meanwhile there were two goats being roasted in the backyard.
  • We had 30m to set up … lots of dudes came and we really scrambled to get the decor on the walls. Put that here, move these chairs, etc.
  • The holud part of the ceremony was sweet, Esha’s family was really into it. I did end up getting annoyed, bc everything was going too slow and I wanted talk to people and not pose for more pictures!
  • The big event was all the performances. I figured there’d be a couple scrappy goofy things, but there was like an hour of full on choreographed  entertainment. It was really overwhelming that everyone put in the effort.
  • Super tired at the end of the night. The unfortunate uber drive we’d roped into carting our stuff home opened his tailgate and about 10 bottle of wine smashed on the street at 2am.



  • Setup was way more chill
  • The venue was amazing and looked great
  • Esha had a little hideaway in the back, and lots of people tending to her to get ready … she was the star and looked gorgeous
  • I was about to get dressed and realized I’d forgotten my bowtie and cufflinks! Took a cab home real quick to get it. Luckily the venue wasn’t too far
  • I was kind of alone in my own room, some of my pals got there early and watched me sweat while i tried to tie the bowtie for 45m
  • I wasn’t nervous, but def seemed like forever waiting to get the ceremony started!
  • We hadn’t really rehearsed much, but it went pretty smooth. August was excellent as the MC
  • People went bonkers over the vows. Esha’s were super good and I was so happy to hear them, and that she didn’t cry, because I would have lost if if she had
  • I kind of botched the kiss, I was waiting for the photog get in place and she never really did, and then it was weird, so I don’t think we really got one off properly. Confused a lot of people
  • There was this cool band we’d hired, we were off taking pictures most of the time they were playing
  • Dinner, cake, dancing, talking to people, good jams, Dave dancing like a maniac, people singing along pretty hard to 4 non Blondes, and James’ Laid, getting extorted for $ by Esha’s cousins … dancing, dancing, dancing
  • We went out after, but were so pooped we gave up
  • Sunday I was probably the most worn out I’ve ever been and slept all day!

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