I suppose I have been here a few more days. Seems like a lot longer, then I think what little I have gotten done and I feel like maybe I just got here yesterday.

The last 5 nights I have been getting drunk and cursing myself the next day. Really stupid shit, I feel like crap, finally get a glimpse of feeling normal and I managed to be convinced that it will be a different story tonight… some convincing arguements are: “I don’t have much money, so I’ll probably just have a couple.” or “I have a class early tomorrow, so I want to be in bed by midnight.” Then before I know it I am eating a box of cheez–its at three in the morning.

Today is my first interview. I have spent the last few days piddling around with my resume and my next promo, I managed to get the resume printed up and I hope to get the promo in the mail soon. The interview was arranged by this guy Ryan, whose girlfriend Sara works at this place. She said it is pretty corporate and hinted that I might not really fit in there… but we will see how the interview goes. I have no idea what to say, my attitude is to just wing it and be honest.

Turns out that I have some good roomates and their friends instantly accepted me as their friends as well. So I haven’t really felt awkward or anything of that sort yet. The weather has been pleasant and that is about all that matters right now.

For whatever reason I didn’t bring my digital camera. I try and find one so I can post some pictures.