Hey dudes, I am writing this on Saturday in anticipation of being snowed in or hung-over tomorrow… getting ready to go to Lawrence to celebrate Jake, Ted, and Alison’s January challenge – no alcohol for a month.

edit: the hangover won

I’ve been sitting in front of the computer quite a bit, doing some freelance here and there, and avoiding going outside. I am a cold weather pussy. As far as the computer goes, my newest hobbies include looking at gossip blogs, [gawker, wonkette, adrants] news sites, [tmn, guardian, nytimes] and craigslist.

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Movie Reviews
netflix is awesome. I get movies in my mailbox! Matt Blume says that if you threaten to cancel they drop the cost by $5.

I gave you a glimpse of this feature last week with my David Cross, ‘Let America Laugh’ Review [not very good]

Manhattan, Woody Allen. Pretty good.

Devil’s Playground. This is a documentary about Rumspringa, the period when Amish teenagers get to go nuts and decide if they want to join the church or be like normal people. I have always wondered why people don’t make fun of the Amish more, they would never find out about it. I heard the CBS is pitching a Rumspringa reality series. This movie lacked the Amish teen sex I was anticipating.

The Harder They Come. A supposed classic starring reggae great Jimmy Cliff. This movie should be subtitled, because I couldn’t understand what the hell the were saying, talking all Jamican and what not. Plus it wasn’t a good movie. Basically a Jamican spin on the American western genre. The soundtrack is good, but they cycle the same 5 songs over through the whole movie…low budget.

Gimme Shelter. Documentary following the Rolling Stones in 1968 that leads up to this free concert they put on in San Fransisco. It was promoted as a woodstock type deal. Well, they had the Hell’s Angels help out with security and they beat up some hippies. Pretty ok. Made me see that Mick Jagger was a sexy bitch.

Stevie. A documentary about Southern Illinois white trash. Do you like long, depressing stories? This is for you. I enjoyed it.

Love Liza. I was stoked for this move starting P.S. Hoffman. He sniffs gas because he is sad. It wasn’t great.

Nico Icon. She is pretty, german, and sang for the Velvet Underground for a little while. She is also boring.

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Current Interests: Cereal, push-ups (the exercise), gossip, teaching Taffy the dog to fetch her hamburger. recieving mail, thinking about reading.

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Cities I have been to (outside of Kansas and airports): Kansas City, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Seattle, New York, Orlando, Raleigh, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Vancouver, Des Moines, Sante Fe, London, Copenhagen.
I was hoping that list would be longer.

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Sleep Log
Monday 6:00am–1:00pm, 8:00pm–1:30am
Tuesday 6:00am–9:30am, 1:00pm–4:00pm
Wednesday 12:00am–8:30am (normal!), 2:00pm–5:00pm
Thursday 1:00am–5:00am, 5:00pm–7:00pm
Friday 1:30am–9:00am, 7:00pm–8:00pm
Saturday 1:00am–4:00am 7:00am–1:00pm

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E-mail Highlights

You should see this highly-lucrative freelance job I am involved in… Excerpt: “In the church of human connectivity, these hot dogs are the communion wafer… ” —Sam

Last night I drank three beers and felt like I was really having a freak out good time oldie. —Matt B

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. For the most part, because I’ve been trying my hand at silk screening, and failing miserably. What are you doing these days? —Colleene


I am in beautiful snow blanketed Wamego Kansas. I am doing some freelance and I work part time painting at the newly opened Wizard of Oz museum in town!

who in the hell is hupe marrying?
where in the hell is that ole boy living?
i need updates.
by the way, stop sending me that liberal propaganda. —Jake

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