Road Trip

Hey people. I am half way through my road trip. So far all has been good. Car is running smoothly. Wish I had more time, realizing now that I may not be able to make all the stops I had intended.


Got in Ft. Lauderdale, cabbed it over to “Auto Connection of America”—you would think that the Auto Connection for all of the Americas would be more than a one room office, small shop, and chain link fence. I signed some papers…had some tense moments, and I hit the road. I stopped in Savannah, Georgia for a driving tour and a beer, then a $30 motel.

I drove into Raleigh, met up with my friend Cristel, read, napped, played with Silas the dog. Then we all went to the pool hall to shoot some stick. Hey, pool ain’t a bad way to pass the time. I hear that if you keep at it, the balls go in the pockets easier. I doubt I will ever test this hypothesis.

Took stroll through the NCSU campus. Lots of brick buildings. Read outside most of the afternoon. I have a tan right arm.

Took Silas the dog for a walk and hit the road for Philadelphia. I waited for Foster to get off work and we went for a beer at a pretty cool basement bar. Then I followed him out to his parent’s house for the night. I owe Foster $10.

Laila got a hold of me as I was getting ready to leave and convinced me to stay another night in Philly. We went to their first Friday’s gallery deal, a nice dinner and I took her to the cool basement bar of Thursday.

Took off for New York, nervous about driving and parking in the the city. No troubles and found a spot straight away. Got settled at Kristina’s and went to see some bands at a packed bar. Then more packed bars for beers. Really the first night to test my anti-binge drinking campaign. The best way to get through it is to talk to people about it.

Went for breakfast at a diner. Then met up with Jess. Did some walking around, made some purchases, talked about all there really is to do in New York is walk around and eat. Went to a movie—Triplets of Belleville, hate to say that I was disappointed. Back to Kristina’s for the much anticipated (not so much by me) Soprano’s show.