Loose Itenerary

Sleep Log discontinued…both annoying and depressing.

Well, I type this in Kansas City, Monday morning I fly to Florida to pick up my ebay car… I am taking the long way home, crashing on couches of the East coast and middle of the USA… Stay tuned, not a lot of thoughts other than getting the car. If you are concerned that the car is a lemon, or may catch fire the moment I turn the key…you are not alone. I have heard these concerns from every last person that is privy to the ebay car.

Loose itenerary is: Ft. Lauderdale, Raleigh, Philly, NYC, Boston, North Adams, Toledo OH, Chicago, Decauter, St. Louis, KC, Wamego… If you live in any of these locales expect a phone call.

Here is something I typed out earlier this week:
Man, I am sick today (tuesday). As far as not getting dressed, taking a bath and eating soup (at the same time) I am doing ok. I just hate being sick though. I feel like I am getting over it. Hopefully it wont require me to see a doctor as I don’t have any insurance. My mom offered to pay, but I can’t justify a potential $200 bill if I can wait it out a day and see. This is my one small motivation for actually looking for a real job… if only everyone had health insurance… I guess I’ll have to move to Canada (or Cuba) if I want to live that dream. I haven’t been to a doctor or a dentist for about two years now.

I have been less productive than ever this week. I upgraded my computer to the newest operating system, and don’t have any of my usual graphics programs. I could use the old ones, but I don’t want the hassle and I like the excuse to look at the internet… I try and think of all the things I am learning. This writer whose name I forget predicts that kids in the future will learn more by randomly clicking on the internet than they will in the classroom. I can’t imagine that the classroom of the future won’t have the internet though. I was talking with Jake the other night about the awesomeness of laptops and wireless internet and we were getting all gay about the future and how you will be able to easily access the internet anywhere you go. The amount of excitement I garner from this possibility really bums me out sometimes.

Picture of the Week: