Sleep Log
Sunday 4:00am–11:30am
Tuesday 2:30am–9:45am, 10:30pm–4:30am
Wednesday 7:00am–9:30am
Thursday 2:30am–9:30am
Saturday 2:00am–12:00pm
Sunday 3:30am–11:00am, 9:30pm–4:30am

I can’t stop looking at the internet. I can’t start working on my projects. If I traded the amount of time I am on the internet with time drawing or reading or creating something I would be the awesomest. (This is a call for help.)

I urge you all to rent/borrow/buy Noam Chomsky’s dvd Manufacturing Consent. I have always been weary of this guy as I figured he was some super extremist nut. However his documentary was very compelling (and long). If you are like me and are facinated by media criticism you won’t be disappointed. If you can’t find it I would suggest that you sign up for a free trial on have it sent to you then cancel netflix.

Friday night I went out in Manhattan and had a good time. I drank responsibly and was able to drive home, and felt good about myself.

Saturday night I drank too much. I knew it was going to hurt the next morning, but I thought somehow I would avoid that hangover. Nope. I hate hangovers so bad. I think I am going to start a personal campaign to end binge drinking…I know some organizations have attempted this before.

Before I did all that binge drinking I went to an event called “farmers’ night” in Wamego. It was at the tractor store and they clean it up nice, make some benches out of hay bales and planks. There is open bar for an hour, then some raffles, then the big show featuring a olde timey bluegrass band called the Ferris Family. Man, they were cool. Mom, dad, and four boys. I was digging it. Then binge drinking later.